October 2010 Reading List

Writing this list is fun, I think I will do another one when this month ends.


Los Jefes. Los Cachorros / The Chiefs And the Cubs (Mario Vargas Llosa):

Read it in Spanish. Vargas Llosa won the Novel prize two days before I started reading the book so there is nothing new I can add to his master of narration. This is one of his early works but shows his original writing style. You will not find me saying this very often but I really think that the Perl Community lost a hell of a programmer and documentation writer in this guy =)




Live Linux CDs (Christopher Negus):

At the beginning of the month I was working on shrinking a Debian Based Linux to boot from a memory stick. The Live CD looked the natural path to follow and this books clarifies a lot of concepts besides containing good examples. I’m far from being a Linux expert and this book was a good place to start and get to know new commands also. I actually read 50% (yes, exactly that percent) of the book because I was just interested in a Debian based Linux. If you decide to read it I recommend that after you learn how and where the stuff happens for your distribution turn off the PDF reader and try a few commands for your own (the book doesn’t said you can use any visual package manager like Synaptic) . In the case you use Knoppix explore the bash files deeply and wrote your own bash files to automate the process of creating and archiving the file system images, it will save your time while serves as a snapshot repository.




 House Harkonnen (Brian Herbert / Kevin J. Anderson):

I have read a few books that fall in the class of science fiction or fantastic, almost 50 (and counting), that comprises famous series, but the Dune series is my favorite. I was very lucky to dive into the books once the universe have been expanded both to the past and future of the original books from Frank Herbert. This one, House Harkonnen, explores more about the key characters of the original Dune book, especially Gurney Halleck and Liet Kynes while shows how Jessica came to live in Castle Caladan with Leto, of course there is more but I don’t want to ruin your reading and summarize a volume rich on information.




 Professional WordPress (Hal Stern, David Damstra, Brad Williams):

If you think that WordPress is just for blogging I recommend to look for this book, you will be surprise about how can many things can be done starting from a publishing platform like this. WordPress is actually on his third major version and this book is really about the latest’s minor version of the previous release, however I still find the book useful and worth reading. I needed to earn quickly the know-how to customize WordPress and the book proves useful.




 Nuestro hombre en la Habana / Our men in Havana (Graham Green):

Read this one in Spanish. This is a curious novel about an English man that while selling washing machines on Havana is suddenly contacted by an strange man who turn him into a prepaid spy for the British Intelligent Service, the story become interesting when our man in Havana fake all his reports and every body miss this fact…

An interesting title if you want to know about the Cuba of that time, also I don’t know if the spy kind of social engineering mentioned in the book is highly accurate, but in case of true you may learn a few tricks.




Ubuntu Linux Toolbox: 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users (Christopher Negus, Francois Caen):

I’m not reading this title from cover to cover, whenever I need to do something I don’t know on Ubuntu I look for it in the contents of this books, my success rate is about 90%, that said a bit of my (actual | past) Linux knowledge and the usefulness of having this book close to your hands. This book worth the prize, for sure.


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