Verify the 1/pi generator from Ramanujan up to 1000 digits with Python

Pi Day

Verify Ramanujan’s 1/PI generator from up to 1000 digits with the language of your choice, that was the Programming Challenge announced by O’Reilly OST to celebrate this year’s PI day.

Ramanujan’s generator:

\frac{1}{\pi} = \frac{2 \sqrt 2}{9801} \sum_{k=0}^\infty \frac{(4k)!(1103+26390k)}{(k!)^4 396^{4k}}

I’m afraid I can’t offer pointers about how you can get to this results 🙂 but this is my verification using Python 3.0:

The use of Python simply allow us to take advance of the configurable precision of the Decimal data type. Another possible choice could be the Maple platform that also support an arbitrary precision but Python is just perfect for the task.

You can find the official info of the Decimal data type here. For a few terms of PI check this. If you don’t know who was Ramanujan please don’t postpone a visit to this link.

Hope you like it and Happy Pi Day!


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