Introduction to F# at .NET Miami

.NET Miami

This is post is kind of important. Is the first one in my domain, the first one since I moved to the U.S. and above all is about something I did for the first time but have waited to do it for long. That is give a talk about the F# programming language.

And just to make it better, the audience was the knowledgeable .NET Miami user group. The talk took place on April 19 in the Planet LinuxCaffe of Coral Gables. From here a sincere thanks to all the attendances and to the community care taker Richie Rump (@Jorriss) for all the help.

The agenda consisted in talking about the principles of functional programming, an 101 introduction to F# and finally to sum up we revisited the array data structure and explained how we could make a functional alternative with F#.

In this last topic I actually discussed a project I presented on the Spanish magazine dNM+ on 2010 which is also available for download among with the other resources:

Presentation Slides

Functional Matrixes Project

Functional Matrixes Paper

hope you like it



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