The Goonies on Google, as I remember them

Some minutes ago I was looking for the main song of a movie I liked as a child. This is an easy task if you know the name of the movie but I didn’t . My best recalls were some images and scenes dialogues. Like an asian kid having a denture wired to an spring that saved his life while he was falling and the memory that this particular kid was saw as nerdy by the others. Anyway I tried only one set of keywords “treasure kids movie chinese” and Google yield the name of the movie as the second entry “The Goonies”. As I look at the highlighted terms of my search I notice that Chinese is no one of them, looking at the source code of the page  neither I found any literal appearance of chinese/asian/china. Funny enough without the “chinese”  keyword the search doesn’t return anything worthy (of my current curiosity at least)

The kid character’s name is Richard “Data” Wang (I remember he was saw as nerdy, didn’t I?) and was portrayed by  Jonathan Ke Quan who was born on Vietnam. The song is “Good Enough” and its singed by Cyndi Lauper. The lesson here, I think Google has become good enough finding things they way we used to remember.

Update: now the Goonies is the first entry:


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